Melanie Dee

Flawless Design - Guest Judge

The Show

(MC - Angela Campagnoni, Founder ATL Fashion Week;

Opening Welcome - Dana Sharkey of the Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia)

Doors Open at 7:40pm (DJ  Tranzish(ə)n and DJ 5Rivers)

Please feel free to take in vendors in the lobby!

(Jewelry, natural hair products, reflexology, and more...)

Braids by Tasha Dawn (BBT☆HFX)

Braid Couture by The Braiding Hair Lounge

Braids by Winner Attedjro

Fashion by [hil] clothing by Hilary Taylor Sears, Hologram Designs, Jaziel Ugbebor...

Theatrical Performance ("Hair Today, Slammin' Tomorrow" written by Tara Taylor)

Musical Performance - Tyrone "Tachichi" Thompson

Dance Performance ("The Unique Four")

In-show braid contests

Networking event post show

1st Annual 

The Black Affair

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